Bakery equipment

Worktables, commercial sinks and transport equipment

Our devices are built for a hard day at work. That's why we use stable material. The stainless steel tubes have a wall thickness of at least two millimeters and the plates for our devices are also two millimeters thick. The processed material is grade 1.4301 or higher grade stainless steel.


We supply Apeltrath work tables as fixed tables or in mobile versions. Either equipped with wheels, or with a lifting device to guarantee mobility and a firm footing. We supply the tables with four centimeters thick beech or two centimeters thick stainless steel worktops. The work tables are manufactured in standard sizes of 2.0 meters, 2.5 meters and 3.0 meters, or according to individual requirements.

Center table 1.4 meters x 1.6 meters with beech wood top and shelf.

Mobile and lockable work table 5 meters long, 1 meter wide with beech wood panel.

Commercial sinks

The rinsing sheets and basins of our commercial sinks are made of two millimeter thick stainless steel sheet, the frame is made of stainless steel pipe with a wall thickness of two millimeters. That's why our sinks are durable and stable.

We produce sinks with small hand basins up to large basins of 1.2 meter

Double sink with two basins, 1.0 meter x 0.5 meters, side shelf and rear splash guard.

Double sink with 40 cm x 50 cm basin right and 30 cm x 30 cm hand basin left. The sink is also available with splash guard.

Transport equipment

Trolley with two shelves, 60 cm x 50 cm, equipped with stainless steel castors with brake.

Stainless steel worktable with scale.

Mobil and lockable with stainless steel castors with brake.

The flour sack trolley is equipped with removable partitions. This allows the car to carry different bags.

Whether 4 bags of 25 KG, 2 bags of 50 KG, or 2 bags of 25 KG and one bag of 50 KG, or without intermediate walls to transport other things .... no problem.

The flour sack trolley is also available in a version with removable side panels. This can transport even more.

Optionally, a removable stainless steel table top is available to make the trolley even more flexible as a table trolley.


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